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The Comet,often inspired panic and hysteria in the general population,being thought of as bad omen. This is the second time that I witness it. I don’t know,centuries ago,what it brought : death, life, bad luck-good luck, demons, angels? The first Comet I saw brought a little bit of all. It brought him. I waited a century and a half for it to bring him back to me again. I spent it waiting for this day,day in the year 2154. Midnight. The moment it passes by on the dark sky. Darkness in the opposite of bright light from the fire. Blood. Chanting. Frightening but so beautiful. 
Just like the last time,The Comet wasn’t a bad omen. Not to me.

”Every hundred and fourty five years it gets to come home.”
And it did.

(Source: courtingdeathforher)

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